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Fire retardant mounting box AU60.10FR

AU60.10FR is installation box which is certified to be used in EI60 and EI30 fire rated walls. The mounting box includes a rotating, steplessly adjustable extension ring enabling installation on boards with a thickness of 12-40mm. Screw distance is c/c 60mm. The green adapter ring, delivered with the box, is used in single-board walls (12-13 mm). The ring is removed when the wall thickness is two boards (24-26 mm).In case of triple boards, extension ring is lifted to needed height. The box has two fixed inlets, both of them are open (other sealed with a plug) and both inlets are equipped with a locking device in metal for reliable connection between the conduits and the box. Both flexipipe and stiff/rigid conduits can be connected to the inlets and both inlets have 16/20 mm piping adapters. The extension ring can be tilted 0-4º. Made of halogen free material (IEC/61249-2-21) and fulfills the requirements of the glow wire test according to the standard IEC/EN60670: 2005 (850 °C).

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