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Type AU60.10FR
Product ID 2TKA00004281
EAN 6438199008172
Name Mounting box
Mounting box for EI60 and EI30 fire rated walls
System Ideal
Description AU60.10FR is installation box which is certified to be used in EI60 and EI30 fire rated walls. The mounting box includes a rotating, steplessly adjustable extension ring enabling installation on boards with a thickness of 12-40mm. Screw distance is c/c 60mm. The green adapter ring, delivered with the box, is used in single-board walls (12-13 mm). The ring is removed when the wall thickness is two boards (24-26 mm).In case of triple boards, extension ring is lifted to needed height.
The box has two fixed inlets, both of them are open (other sealed with a plug) and both inlets are equipped with a locking device in metal for reliable connection between the conduits and the box. Both flexipipe and stiff/rigid conduits can be connected to the inlets and both inlets have 16/20 mm piping adapters. The extension ring can be tilted 0-4º.
Made of halogen free material (IEC/61249-2-21) and fulfills the requirements of the glow wire test according to the standard IEC/EN60670: 2005 (850 °C).
Package 50/
Unit PCS




For plastic pipe: Ø16/20mm

Electrical quantities

Rated voltage: 400 V

thermal conditions

Operating temperature: -25 … 60 °C


ETIM 7: EC002601
ETIM 8: EC002601


Mounting method: Flush mounted (plaster)
Shape: Round
Construction type: Device connection box (round/square)
Model: Single
Provided with revolving ring: yes
Connectable: yes
Equipped with: None
Diameter: 71 mm
Length: 121 mm
Width: 78.5 mm
Depth: 58 … 72 mm
Internal depth: 51 mm
Suitable for wall/board thickness: 12 … 40 mm
For number of electric fittings: 1
Mounting switching equipment: Screwing
With screws: yes
Housing feed-through by break-out opening: yes
Housing feed-through by seal membrane: no
Housing feed-through by nozzle: yes
Housing feed-through by step membrane: no
For tube diameter: 16/20 mm
Pipe locking: yes
Pipe locking optional: no
Inlet from the rear: no
Number of inlets: 6
Number of included spouts: 2
Material: Plastic
Halogen free: yes
Surface protection: Untreated
Colour: Red
Degree of protection (IP): IP3X
Cover model: Construction protective cover
Transparent cover: no
Cover attachment: Snapped on
Sealable: no
Circuit integrity: E60
With screening: no
Air tight: no
Max. conductor cross section: 2.5 mm²
Clamp position fixed: no
Luminaire hook mounting: no
Nozzle: None
With nail lugs: yes
Special application: Fire protection


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