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Type M2301-02
Product ID 2TMA210160H0002
EAN 6955891805392
Name Power supply
Mini system controller
Description ABB-Welcome M
Mini system controller.
Control the entire system, the "brain" of the individual system.
Over-heat protection.
Over-current protection.
Lightening protection.
Two working modes to switch between "all on" and "one on".
For villa, multi-apartment audio system or small video system.
As auxiliary BUS power supply when connecting to gateway under certain mode.
Rated current: 0.7A
DIN Rail mounted: 4U
Package 1/10
Unit PCS




ETIM 7: EC001089
ETIM 8: EC001089


Application: Other
Input voltage: 28 V
Frequency: 50 … 60 Hz
Type of current: DC
Output voltage: 0.65 V
Degree of protection (IP): IP20
Height: 90 mm
Width: 72 mm
Depth: 65 mm
Installation technique: Bus system
Integrated door opening circuit: no
Control function: yes
Evaluation function: no
Number of connectable participators: 46
Service indication: yes
Mounting method: Surface mounted (plaster)
Programming lock: no


Name File type Size
PDF-Product card PDF 
Installation instruction PDF  3.7 MB
Operation instruction PDF  203 kB