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Type AM2
Product ID 2TKA110002G1
EAN 6410050260950
Name Strap clamp
Strap clamp for the earthing strap PP36
Description The earthing conductors, max. 35 mm² Cu, are connected to the various pipework using an earthing strap PP36 with a strap clamp AM2 and terminal AM3. In case a 50 mm² or 70 mm² Cu-conductor is connected to the earthing block, both ends of the earthing strap must be pressed together with the terminal to get sufficient conductivity. The terminal and the strap clamp are of zinc-plated and yellow passivated steel. The 6 mm screws are tightened with a 10 mm wrench. The earthing strap is made of tinned annealed copper 1,5 mm thick.
Package 20/100
Unit PCS




ETIM 7: EC000493
ETIM 8: EC000493


Min. clamping range inch: Other
Max. clamping range inch: Other
Material: Steel
Surface protection: Other


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