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Type AS9.10
Product ID 2TKA00003876
EAN 6438199005355
Name Strain relief
Strain-relief for 3 cables, Ø 6 – 17 mm
Description Junction boxes AP9 and AP10 can be furnished with the strain-relief AS9.10 for 3 cables. AP9: 3x 6 - 17 mm. AP10: 1x 6 - 19 mm (middle) and 2x 6 - 12mm (sides). It can also be used with 3 flexible connecting cables H03VVH2-F 2x0,75. Strain relief is done with help of cable tie (not included). Two strain reliefs can be used in opposite sides the box with AP9 and AP10, or crosswise in AP9 boxes.
Package 10/100
Unit PCS