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Boiler/Chiller Interface, 1-fold

As interface between the KNX system and a heat generator or chiller. Via an analog output (0…10 V) the set point or set point adjustment temperature can be transmitted to the heat generator/chiller. The set point itself is received via KNX. Via two binary inputs the device can monitor the status of the heat generator/chiller (via potential free contacts) and send it on the KNX bus. A relay output (5 A) is included to switch or enable/disable the heat generator/chiller. With an additional relay output (5 A) the pump of the heat generator/chiller can be switched on and off. Via 3 binary inputs it is possible to monitor the status of the pump (via potential free contacts) and integrate these feedback into the control of the pump. The device supports the ABB i-bus® Tool for advanced diagnosis and improved commissioning.