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Product InformationLight control

Light control

-energy saving

Modern light control is safe, comfortable and flexible. It provides energy savings, longer luminaire lifetimes and less frequent light source replacements.

Safe and economic

Light control improves safety while adding a touch of luxury. At the same time it saves energy. Lighting is controlled in accordance with the needs and circumstances, by means of dimmers, lights can be automatically turned on and off indoors as well as outdoors by using motion detectors. You can select between the luxurious
Impressivo and timeless Jussi designs.


Jussi white (RAL 9010)


Impressivo anthracite (RAL 7021)


Impressivo grey
(RAL 7012)


Impressivo aluminium (RAL 9006)


Impressivo white
(RAL 9016)

Various functions

Lighting can be controlled in many ways. Lights can be turned on and off and adjusted manually, automatically
or via remote control. There are three types of dimmers: rotary switch, touch and a remote controlled dimmer.
Energy is saved as lights are automatically turned on when you enter a room, and turned off when you exit the room – or not turned on at all if sufficiently lit. Dimmers can also be used to save energy by adjusting illuminance according to the circumstances and needs.

Led dimmer tool